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Spa Experience



These are optional amenities offered to you at no additional cost to enhance your spa experience.

Arrive a few minutes early and choose from the following:

Aromatherapy – We use 100% pure essential oil diffusers to heighten your dental experience.

Neck and Shoulder Massage – Start your experience off with the ultimate in relaxation. A neck and shoulder massage is the perfect way to start your visit.

Heated neck pillow – Our scented neck wraps offer you support to your neck during your visit while it also provides you with relaxing comfort.

Eye mask – Enjoy our eye masks which will sooth your tired eyes as you enjoy your stay with our office.

Blanket – Choose a warm blanket to enhance your comfort level.

Headphones and iPod – Choose the headphones and an iPod to float away during your visit. Choose relaxing classical, sounds of nature or other music of your choice.

Warm Face Towel -  Choose a warm face towel to bring you back and get you ready for the rest of your day.